Export your Annotations

You can export your annotation directly from Project -> MyProject -> Export annotations

The annotation export format is a JSON object like :

"infos": {"desciption": 'Annotation created for project YOURPROJECT',
"year": 2020,
"contributor": (list(str)) [USERNAME, ... , USERNAME_10],
"date_created": python datetime object of export,
"images": [{"external_picture_url": (str) YOUR PIC NAME,
"internal_picture_id": (uuid) id of your pic on our Backend,
"signed_url": (str) temporary url to download the image from our Backend},
{...}, ... , {...}
#access every images infos by looping through the values of key "images".
"categories": [{"name": LABELNAME_0}, ... ,{"name": LABELNAME_N}]
"annotations": [
{"internal_picture_id": (uuid) id of the related image,
"annotation_id": (int) id of the annotation ,
"nb_labels": (int) nb of objects in the pic,
"time_spent": (float) time spend to annotate the pic in sec,
"annotations": (list(dic))
"type": (str) type of label -> rectangle/polygon
"label": (str) label given to shape,
"polygon": {"geometry": [{"x": (int) x, "y": (int) y}, ...,]
# each dict in geometry is a point of the polygon
# if no polygon have been done, list is empty
"rectangle": {
"height": (int) h,
"width": (int) w,
"top": (int) x,
"left": (int) y,