Labeling tools

Our labeling tool is simple and intuitive, but let's dig into it and see what you can do



You can perform pre-annotation with every models attached to your project, to do so first you need to attach a predicted class to your label !


You can now pre-annotate from the labeling UI :)

Interactive segmentation

We integrate 2 interactive segmentation tool, DEXTR (Deep Extreme Cut) & GrabCut

To use it, enable assistance and then select the four extreme point (north, south, east, west) to trigger the segmentation.

By default, it will trigger DEXTR, but you can also visualize GrabCut results by righ-clicking on the shape and select switch prediction

Edit shapes

We provide a simple rubber and fill tool to quickly edit your shapes.

To do so, right-click on a shape and select either rubber of filler !

Delete Shapes

To delete a shape you either ctrl + click on a shape or right-click and select delete shape