Import annotation from other Dataset version

If you want to create a different version of your dataset, and make some operation on your dataset in other to balance your data for example you can use our annotation import features.

For example, here I have a version of my Dataset with 3 class, car, tree, person

But I really want to create a new version of my dataset where the labels car and tree and person could be as one.

To do so let's go to annotations -> import (The button circled in red on the right)

Then it's kind of simple, first select the target label (for us we choose car)

Once clicked, you will be able to choose the labels to import into car

If you click on 'Direct import' you will see the instructions setting up

We can see that we are going to clone previous car annotations into our new car label so we are all set !

Then click on execute instructions 🚀

Now you have annotations for your dataset/first with all the labels from dataset/second merged into car :)