Project creation

You can start the creation of a project by clicking the + icon on the top-right corner of the project tab.

Configure your project

Here you can configure your project name and description and set the privacy of your project.

Add collaborators

If you want to work on this project with others you can add them here. You will still be able to add more collaborators later in the project settings.

Configure Labels

You should select what kind of project you want to work with. We currently support two types of projects:

  • Classification project

  • Object detection and/or Segmentation project

One the project type is chosen you can start adding labels to the project. Once again you will be able to add more later in the project settings. Currently supported labels for object detection/segmentation projects are :

  • Rectangle

  • Polygon

  • Line

  • Points

Choose a dataset

In this last tab you have to choose the dataset for your project. You can either attach one of your dataset or directly create a new dataset from here. On your dataset chosen you can click on the Create Project button to end the project creation.