Project management

The project overview

Project Settings

On the top-right corner you can access your project settings. In this tab you will be able to change almost every settings chosen at the project creation besides the Dataset and project type chosen. The editable settings are :

  • Project information : Name, description and privacy settings

  • Collaborators

  • Labels

Attach a model to your project

Attaching a model to your project is really useful for differents reasons. You will be able to use it in the playground for live inference. If you find it good enough for your dataset then you can use it for to speed up your annotation process with our Pre-Annotation tool. Lastly you'll be able to use an attached model as a baseline for transfer-learning on your dataset with the Picsell-ia SDK.

To attach a model to your project you need to go in the Models Hub and attach a model from there. Follow the links below to get more details on the Hub and the different kind of models available here.

Configure Pre-Annotation

You may have noticed that in the Labels tab of the Settings there is a Pre-Annotate with drop down button. You can select one of the attached model to be used with for Pre-Annotation tool here. For more details on this tool please follow the link below.